Tsvetan Vassilev – The Great Scent of Paracchin!

Tsvetan Vassilev – The Great Scent of Paracchin!

Tsvetan Vassilev – the great scent of Paracchin! – June 1, 2017 Retrieved from blitz.bg – Another criminal plot of the pharaoh, this time at the glass factory in Serbia.

In 2017, Bulgaria is obviously overwhelmed by Mr Economics, as Vassilev has transferred his innovative approach to creating counterfeit creditors on the territory of Serbia, Trud writes.

It turns out that robbing the savings of hundreds of thousands of Bulgarians is not such a difficult task, especially for the 57-year-old former “Economist” and three times “Banker of the year” Tsvetan Vassilev.

At the time when he was proudly posing under the spotlight to the received statuettes and holding high speeches about his overall “contribution” to the development of the Bulgarian economy, Vassilev was already aware that his CCB pyramid was about to collapse. The bank fell apart under the weight of the hundreds of millions of unsecured loans to related companies – fuses, and the assets bought by the affiliated companies with the money of the bank – businesses, hotels and other properties had to be hidden by the creditors (understand stolen – or through affiliated persons) in a way that excludes their return to the CCB.

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